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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 07/09/05:

Demon type? by ShadyLane222
What's your name?
What's your magical pet?
What do you do in your spare time?
Your demon typeLightning
Your demon nameFemale: Mishiko, Male: Ryou
Your favoerite sayingNobody is perfect, and I am nobody, therefore I am perfect
How strong your demonic powers are: 88%
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Result Posted on 07/09/05:
I don't know about the quick recover and speach/writing ability but i like to have an imagination!

Your Birthdate: August 3
Being born on the 3rd day of the month is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life. The energy of 3 allows you bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental. There is a restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, "couldn't care less" attitude. You have a natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression. Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing. You are energetic and always a good conversationalist. You have a keen imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies and become involved with too may superficial matters. You are affectionate and loving, but sometimes too sensitive. You are subject to rapid ups and downs.

Result Posted on 07/09/05:

The True You

You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.
With respect to money, you spend as little as possible.
You think good luck depends on maintaining good relationships with others.
The hidden side of your personality tends to be reluctant to accept things as they are. And you are prone to think negatively.
You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you will search and search until you find your perfect match.

Result Posted on 07/06/05:

~*~Result nr 6~*~

Your power is: Transformation

Explanation: Unlike everyone else you
can change your body materia and transform into
anything (e.g. an animal). This can be used in
good purposes for infiltrating evil
headcuarters or adjust your physical abilities
by transforming and therefor do better in
battle. If turned to the evil side, a
transfomer could manipulate the "good
guys" by looking like their loved ones and
break them down.
As a person you are dissapointed with life. You
have not so many interests anymore and has
become depressed. Of course you can be happy,
but your happiness subsides quickly and don't
last very long. You isloate yourself from
people since you think they would only hurt
you, but some part just wants someone equal who
understands the pain. When you transform it
gives you freedom and you can be anything but
yourself. You often pity yourself but don't let
people come near and know what's going on with
you. But the thought of opening up and risking
being betrayed is too strong and intimidating
to even try.
Negative aspects: You carry much hate to
the world and yourself and in the long run this
could lead to dangerous thoughts
(suicide/cutting/killing) though the last one
is least likeable since you would probably just
have too much guilt.

What Power is Compatible With You?
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Result Posted on 07/06/05:

You are the Spirit of Sadness. Deep pain and sorrow
lie within you, betrayal, jealousy and
rejection rule your life. You cannot make
friends as you are too scared at the prospect
of being hurt again and you can't take that
risk. You wish more than anything to have a
steady person there who loves you
unconditionally but you are too scared to find

Which stunning spirit of emotion are you? NEW AND IMPROVED! (amazingly beautiful anime pics!)
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Result Posted on 07/06/05:
This is so true...

Ice element
Your element is Ice. This element may seem a little
odd, but this is a side-effect from when the
element of Water gets to hurt. Once you were a
content soul, and happy with life. But then
something happened. Not necessarily on one day,
it probably happened gradually over time. You
lost your will to care and became even more
reserved from the world. People had hurt you in
ways you do not want to remember and now you
isolate yourself from them. You have turned
into an outsider and probably dress more in
black than you used to. Your depression is
eating you up and tearing you apart and the
worst part is that no one is willing to help,
or so it seems. In school you are often by
yourself or one single friend and you rarely
seem to be truly happy anymore. Your sad,
distant eyes and constant frown seems glued to
your face and you need a saviour from this
world. You may turn to music for understanding
and sing/scream along in the lyrics to get rid
of some pain. You are not very open about your
problems to your family/friends, and wish that
they would just notice it and make it go away.
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What is your element? [with pics + 7 outcomes + detailed answeres!]
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Result Posted on 07/06/05:

Your word is: Confused. You have reached a stage in
life where you have lost yourself completely.
Identity-crisis is only the first name, and
this is really depressing you. All you want is
to be yourself, but how can you, when you know
nothing? Others can not help in this situation,
only you can find yourself again and become
whole once more.

What dark word represents you? (anime pics and 7 outcomes)
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Result Posted on 07/06/05:

Earthly Being
Earthly Being!

Which Mythical Being Resides In You?
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Result Posted on 07/06/05:
I LOVE ANIMALS! Too bad the picture doesn't have a cat in it...Oh well...

Animal Lover
You're an animal lover! You really love animals and
nature! You think of life as a miracle and
enjoy everything about it.

What Kind Of Anime Girl Are You?
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Result Posted on 07/06/05:
I want to apologize for my poor work choice that may be taken offensively...I'm sorry for swearing a bit as well but I wanted the point to come across

You Are? by Osaku
This is about you and me..err I mean you...
Hair ColorBrown/black
Natural Hair Color (if different)N/A
Eye ColorBrown/Cat
Innie/OuttieDoes this have a point
BirthplaceNot telling
Sign??? Cat ??? What sign??? zodiac???
Glasses/Contacts/"I Can See"I CAN SEE YOU!
BirthmarksNot really
Song that Describes Your lifeThe Point of no Return...Phantom of the Opera
Relationships (aww)...
Are You In LoveYes
Who Are Your Best FriendsToo many...
Do you Intend/Want to Get MarriedNo
If So, WhereN/A
Do You Want a Family (kids!!!)No
If So, How ManyN/A
If So, Boy/Girl/Doesn't MatterN/A
Aspirations (You go-getter you)...
What You Wanted to Be When You Were a KidMarine Biologist
What Do You Want to Be NowAnimal Behaviorist
Where Do You Want to LiveWashington State
Where Do You Want to VisitJapan/ Paris Opera House
Where Have You Been That You'd Rather Be Right NowCanada
What Would You Change About Yourself, Given the OpportunityErase Memories
Place (Near or Far, it doesn't matter)Seculded woods where no one would find me
Vacation SpotSee above
Shopping LocationUmm...I don't like shopping but I love getting books!
Music GenreMusicals/Anime/Instrumental/Christian Rock
BandDon't have a favorite band but I LOVE The Phantom of the Opera!
Flower??? don't have one...
Smell??? maybe...citris???
Shampoosee above
Ice CreamI don't have dairy...it hurts cows!
WebsiteI don't know
Moviewell...Since i was a little kid it's been either Nightmare Before Christmas or Little Shop of Horrors
Actorlike i know actors names
ActressSee above
SodaMountain Dew...Jolly Good Fruit Punch
BookPhantom of the Opera by Gaston and The Phantom by Susan Kay
Game (Board/Computer/Word/Drinking..It's all good)umm...I don't play games...
Responsibility/Simplicity/Both(?)I don't understand...I'm responsible more than simple??
Coke/PepsiCoke products...i don't like coke itself
Color/B&W (photos)Color photos
Tomato/Chicken NoodleChicken Noodle
Did You or Do You...
Have and SiblingsYes unfortunately
Cry EasilyHell No!
Think You are SmartSometimes
Act Your AgeSometimes
Have Any Tattoosno
Have Any Piercingsears
Have Any PetsCATS!!!!!! Two of them and there mine! I have two frogs and my sister...has...a ...dog.................
Get JealousEasily
Ever Like Boy BandsNo
Believe in God/Allah/Jesus/etc.GOD ROCKS!
Take Criticism WellPretty well
Have You Ever...
Gotten Drunk BeforeHell No!
Smoked (cigarettes)Hell No!
Done Drugs (Any)Hell No!
Kissed a Member of the Opposite SexHell No!
Kissed a Member of the Same SexHell No!
Been on an AirplaneYes many times!
Been on First Class on an Airplaneno.....
Skinny DippedHell No!
Had SexHELL NO!!!!!!! sick perverts...........
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