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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Brave Theme
What if?
What if I didnít have Thanksgiving at my uncleís house?
What if they didnít have multiple litters of kittens?
What if I had spent my time there among the people instead of the cats?
What if I hadnít returned the outside cat back into the cold?
What if I hadnít seen the cats fight ferociously over the leftover turkey?
What if I didnít see a suffering, frozen, suffocating kitten limping, painfully towards the limited food?
What if I didnít feel sorry for her?
What if I didnít bring her inside to warm and clean her up?
What if I didnít do it in secret?
What if I didnít feed her?
What if I didnít try to take the food stuck on her sharp teeth out?
What if I didnít give her something to drink?
What if I didnít console her?
What if my aunt didnít find me caring for her?
What if my uncle didnít come in?
What if I didnít get so prideful that I offended him in his own house on a holiday?
What if I didnít cry?
What if I didnít clean up the rest of the kittens?
What if the FVHA took in barn cats instead of euthanizing them?
What if my uncle didnít allow us to take one kitten?
What if we didnít drive so far to ďsaveĒ one?
What if my cousin didnít want her and chose the white one?
What if we didnít take her to the vet?
What if she didnít have ear mites, lice, dehydration, and infected foot but was the object of health?
What if she didnít have Feline Leukemia?
What if she didnít have to die?
What if I never met her, would she have been better off in the cold alive for a time than to die painlessly with an hour of warmth and unconditional love?
What if?

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