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Sunday, March 12, 2006

   Good and Bad jobs
As like the previous post, this one is double sided: my two areas of work.
First off, the bad job...Yesterday, as usual I had to wake up early to get to work (5am). I had to open the pool (which is the one pool I hate to open--it's too bright and there are windows above it so people can watch me guard, I prefer the quite lap swimming only pool hidden upstairs. My "hommies" are there. But I've now been assigned to this one) It went alright for the morning, mainly because I could listen to the Boston Brass over and over again--Great band! But nine oclock rolls around and lessons start. My one student didn't show up so that was a downer. I went home and was then called up to come back to sub for a co-worker. I hate subbing but if you need a sub you have to be a sub. So I guarded the infatable lobster as kids killed themselves to get on and off it. I swear those kids never listen. I had to tell a kid three times to stop running! So that's my beef on Lifeguarding.

Now for the more joyous job: FVHA. If you don't know what that is it's Fox Valley Humane Association--my one highlight of the week. It went pretty well at first. There weren't many people so I just took some cats out to get some freedom. My first cat however, had extremely sharp claws and was so excited to get attention that it decided to kneed his paws all over me. Needless to say, I'm pretty cut up. I'm used to it so no big deal. Funny story (for me atleast) on my way out, the puppy's room needed to have it's lights turned off. The lady incharge challenged me to do it. I was like "of course, no big deal." She pulls me asside and says "look at those puppies. They'll bombard you once you open the door." By bombardment I just thought come over and love you, so I took the challenge. To my suprise and enjoyment, the puppies ambushed me and several times escaped. The lights were turned off while I was the distraction. I was so worried that I'd hurt the puppies by pushing them back in that it took ten minutes and an ingenious plan to get them to stay in the room, away from the door. I just thought they were so cute though.
~End of very long post~

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