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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

I want to apologize for talking so much...both in the cboxes, my posts and the incredibly long monthly story...I"M SORRY!...if someone actually visits my site and reads this post and maybe could help me...I'm trying to start a club but I have no idea how...DO you just make a picture with the name of the club and claim it as a club or do you have to make a website and fun difficult things like that...HELP!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   4th and 5th of July from Kamenki's Perspective
So...On the wonderful 4th of July started out waking up later than I expected *skipping stupid details* later in the morning I kinapped Cia-chan while getting lost on the way *as usual*. Phantom (my cat) wanted to tag along but was either whineing the whole trip there and back or tried to go under my legs which could easily have cause a car accident (seeing as I was the driver). Afterwards, at my house, I, the kidnapper, forced Cia-chan to watch seven episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist that I downloaded and part of an Invader Zim episode (INVADER ZIM ROCKS!). She isn't fond of IZ so sad...T_T...My family was throwing a party at our "cottage" (really just a house on a lake in a city right next door...basically). It was a fixer upper *long story* I had to fend off cars on the highway and try to remember how to get to the cottage which I first went to the night before...strangely we didn't get lost...but the car was hard to control and of course I wouldn't tell Cia-chan that...she'd freak!...We made it to the cottage and unpacked...Seeing as neither of us wanted to spend time with humans, I gave her a tour of the house and eventually she helped me paint the walls in my new bedroom...she helped to paint the ocean and no matter what she may say SHE IS AN ARTIST! She did an awsome job! Please if you get the chance go to her site and tell her that! Continueing...I felt guilty making my guest paint or watch me paint so we went downstairs to eat even though there wasn't any *edible* food...We hung out outside watching the boys shoot off bottle rockets and smoke bombs...that lost our interest so we started to play with the hammock but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't flip her...*I managed to flip myself like twently times until the hammock fell ontop of her and technically forced her to flip...finally!...went back upstairs but coudn't think of anything to do...so...what do you know...we came up with the Fanfic that you see in my intro...if you haven't read it READ IT NOW! I is extreamely random but somewhat entertaining to those with and open mind a sense of humor...it got dark while writing so we watched the fireworks and ended up staying up till midnight when we finally finished writing the story...went to sleep and woke up pretty early for me...ate a muffin...yummm....edited the story and stuff and went home...back at my place we watched another five episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist but then it was time to get her back to her family...However, her family had other plans...at Cia-chan's house NO ONE WAS THERE? it was very funny cuz she couldn't get in...we went back to my house...sadly i had to order senior pics but thought it would be really boring for Cia-chan to come and I wouldn't dare leave her with my family...*she'd be ripped limb from limb*...She called Tora-chan who wanted her earlier to see if she could come over...everything worked out fine there...But then the confusion followed...In order to not let my mom order senior pics with me *because she would offend the photographer and not let me get the pics i wanted* I tried to make her forget and have my dad come with...I was told that I had to pick up my dad at his store so we could go order pics together but after traveling through a lot of construction and slow people he wasn't at the store! Confused...I went home so that I could call his cell...oddly his cell was at the house but he wasn't...he never takes his cell off him...I decided to give up and ask my mom to come with...but as soon as i said she could come my dad called and said he had a meeting that ran very long and he would meet me at the photo place...grateful yet irritated...I flew *that's how fast i was going...i know...dangerous...I nearly hit a little girl...T_T!...that's how selfish i was...I can't believe myself...flustered.* and made it to the place and just as I turned the corner to enter the building my dad had reached the door as well...strange...we ordered pics and everything was fine...i went home...typed up the fanfic...etc...the day is coming to a close and i'm still rambling...blah...blah...blah...DIRTY CHICKEN!...
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