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Friday, July 29, 2005

   It's alive...ALIVE!
Hello all...the kyo clones are off to a great start...I have an example with me! welcome Kyo #3...
Kyo #3: hn...
Well...as I was about to say...There are two different versions...a black and white and a colored...I have some images of Kyo #3...if the pic doesn't show up you can go to the websites...Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v383/OrcWhl/Kyoclone3V1.bmp

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   Kyou Clone Update...7/28/05
4 clones have yet to be claimed and customized, 1 has yet to be sketched, and I have a bunch of extra drawings...*was bored and didn't get any orders*...I'll find a scanner hopefully by the end of the week, color the pics, and distribute them! PM me with order or question...or both! I think that's all I need to say for now...Sayonara!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

   Shout out!
Thanks to Tiggerola's idea and blueprint of the cloning machine...the Kyo Clones are on the way...so far 4 are sketched 2 need to be and 4 haven't been claimed...just a comment...if you don't like the sketches I make I can edit them until you do...or if you don't like it completely and want a different pose...etc, I want 100% customer satisfaction! Since my computers down I need to find a scanner which may take a while...I think that's all i needed to say...so Sayonara!
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   New Clone
Okay...#4 clone has been given away to Tiggerola so now only 4 special clones will be made...If your wondering whether or not you ordered one...if you PMed me and I replied back that means you got it if you just pmed me I haven't replied then I didn't get the PM yet...I know no one was wondering I just Thought I'd share that...
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   Clones, Clones, They're EVERYWHERE!
Allright so here's the update:
#3, #2, and #7 have been claimed
there are 5 spots open to have a kyo clone just the way you want them...I'm sketching them at this moment...so far only two have been drawn but I'll have another done by the end of tomorrow if not more...if you want a clone fit to your standards PM now...if you have any questions about the clone factory see my previous posts and then PM me, most likely the answer is in the post...

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

   Kyou Clone update
I'm still looking for 7 more people with specifics on their style of clone...3 clones are being made at the moment and *i repeat* when i get my computer fixed I'll scan and send them out...trust in my artistic abiliy okay? I know I don't have many fan art up but I think I can atleast sketch a decent kyou...I hope...I mean I like them...Alright, as an example for everyone...the three clones given away are as follows:
#3. is Kyo in a black cat outfit with a black cat
To Azura. is Kyo in normal clothes, smirking, with a kitty on the roof
To Cia. Kyo in cat form, extremely irritate and sitting on a pink lacy girly pillow
There are still 7 slots left so PM me now for your order...#1-10 other than #3 are choices of numbers unless Azura or Cia have a preferance on number...they come first since they asked first...as I meantioned in the previous post through the Paint program I can color your clone if you want me to...please let me know! k that's it for now...any questions you can comment and I'll get back to them by the end of the day! Sayonara!

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   Kyou Clones...continued
It's strange but I haven't recieved a single order for a clone...*confused*...I thought I would have gotten atleast one order? I can't sketch a Kyou clone unless I get an order of what they want...ORDER NOW!...okay I'm calm now...Kyou clones can now be in either black and white or color...your choice...just...PLEASE ORDER ONE!
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   Kyou Clones...more info...
Alright...my computer still busted but I can still take orders and the first 7 people to PM me with thier SPECIFIC order will have a custumed made Kyou clone...it will take a while till my computer works but when it does I'll scan the sketches and post them...give them out and have others choose from them...does that make sense? if not...PM me...or comment i guess...CAUTION: in order to have a customed made Kyou clone you MUST PM me not comment that way I can tell who was first...etc...to be specific in order to get specific style please add the outfit...the expression...the setting...number...and any other thing to make your clone unique...once I have those seven clones made and delivered the rest must choose from those clones...*I'm sorry, there's only so much I can do*...unless I come out with a special clone every 10 clones "sold"...so please be patient with me, I'm new at the clone business...PM me right away with your order! I apologize to all of you for the rudeness in this post because I"m tired and quite a bit stressed at the moment for no apparent reason...I'm going to take a nap now....Good night!
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Kyou Clones
Allright...first things first...Cia *before she went on a long vacation* and myself have wanted to "build" a Kyou Clone "factory" where anyone who wants Kyou clones can get them but they have to be members of the O...I've got a few ideas for the types of kyous but I was kindof thinking of having atleast 10 different styles for everyone to choose from...if anyone wants a Kyou clone specially "made"(drawn) for them please comment or PM me...if you don't necessarily want one but have an idea for a type please let me know...i've got sketcher's block...we can say that exists...oh on another note...my previous post was well more of venting than anything else...that's what I've been using this site for i guess...i'll stop doing that cuz it's not anime related but I wanted to post something and then tangents occured...I'm not leaving the O yet...but if school gets too hecktic with the college search and tough classes I'll have to cut back...maybe drastically...until then I'm still here and attempting to comment on all my friends' sites...*sigh*...man is it late...and I ran out of things to say...so...Sayonara!
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   Excuses and Rantings
All right! I know I've been gone all week *basically* even though I don't think anyone really noticed...oh well...story of my life...getting back to what I meant to post...My excuses for not being on and commenting on your sites...Mon-Thur. I was in charge of a youth thing where teens in the community got together and did service stuff like yard work...It was a little too hot of weather for me...and I kindof melted...^_^;...but I would come home late in the afternoon and my brother would be on his computer...so there goes any chance to check the O...That went on until thurs. in which I was swept away to go on a 6 hour road trip for College Searching...I checked out the U of M and while I was there my family went to the Mall of America...*personally I didn't find it too exciteing--all the damn humans!--but I liked reading books at the barnes and noble...--please excuse my language--...okay...then we went to Concordia Language camp to pick up my sister who was taking the Spanish camp there...i met a bunch of her friends (Sol's friends are cool!) and then a HUGE storm came *it was awsome!* so we went back to the capital because Sol's never gone to Mall of America and did that all over again...*sigh*...we came back last night really late...so...you know...I went to bed...then church this morning but my brother did a different mass so I snuck on his computer...of course...wow I'm just babbling on and on aren't I...I'm sorry, I just really need to vent sometimes....so you can stop reading if you want...continuing...while on the comp. I found out that "Black Cat" the manga has been bought out meaning it will be published soon! YAY! but i wanted to steal the translation before it was published...oh well...the really down part of today was *it'll take a while to explain but* normally my family has a bunch of computers that aren't hooked up or anything...the only two with internet are my brothers and the familys *family is broken* but previously I had claimed one of the "broken" computers for myself and was going to extract data from it eventually...I decided Today is the Day! but found out my brother gave it to one of his friends to fix...DAMN HIM!!!!! * I just want to.nnnrrr.aksjdf;ohnj.....* but I can't do anything so I'm defying him by being on his computer...WHAHAHA TAKE THAT!!!!! okay so he doesn't know I"m on...he's watching a movie right now...*sigh* and I'm older than him! but he could put a password on this computer and then I'd never get the internet...*what a life...* but George is here to make it all better...aren't you George..."Meow, PRRRRRR!" I LOVE YOU!!!!! *runs after George in dark abyss in attempt to pet him*
Oh, sorry more ranting...i just found out that Cia left for a while...Something like this happened earlier and well...okay I've got nothing better to do than explain so...I knew anime wasn't the thing for her and that she was just using it as a way to cover something else...so now she's giving up for a while to get closer to her faith which I strongly agree though some wouldn't...I believe that that will set you straight and then she'll be strong enough to comeback...but something like this happened earlier...i once belonged to Neopets because another friend of mine did but when she left...well...it didn't take long but I left too...I have a felling that the same may occur...as much as a love being on here...Cia was my main reason for being on...I'll wait it out and see but I have a BIG feeling I won't be missed here...*it's just a hunch though* With that said...I'm going after George! Sayonara!

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