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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Requests (Again)

Hopefully I won't delete this request sheet... This is everyone who requested and the requests they made! Mail me if I got it wrong.

PS: I'm doing requests in order from when I would like to do them, to least wanted to do, although I may go outside this order, so bear with me.

Request Page

*GrimmFox: A blond elf with bright emrald green eyes, and an awesome warrior outfit to be designed by me
Status: Waiting to Be Scanned

*TheDarkerSide: Draw her character - big sad brown puppy dog eyes, long dark brown hair, short, big lips (not to big), nice boobs (sry best feature lol), not skinny or fat, punk goth and wears lots of black eyeliner

*Yuske Moto: Videl and Bulma in Playboy Bunny suits.

*keito-chan: Kenshin and her oroginal character Fumeiyo, which looks like: He was about six feet tall and he was really strong looking too. He had black hair in a low ponytail. He had on practice clothes just like Kaoru- sensei, but his pants were black and he had a brown overcoat.

*Hunter Iria: Chibi Tidus so he can get some love ;)

*Heero Yuy: A gunslinger colored in color pencils

*Kokkoii Matoku: Her original character with Neji from Naruto (I have the piccie of oc)

*CCLUVGOKU: Goku and Inuyasha fighting (meaning major fighting stances)

*Stephane Dumas: Sango swimming in the water with bubbles coming out of her mouth

*Seryn: A picture of Inuyasha. My choice of bg and pose.

*BakurasGirlfwend: Rikku and Sasuke in chibi form playing together

*Hitomi Kayima: Her Character - Looks;
Hair: Bright red, has a large chunk of hair hanging down from each side, and is always held up in a ponytail, and even when up it reaches a bit past her waist.
Eyes: Emerald green, and sort of mysterious. They are thinner, and feminin but not too girly girly.
Skin: Darkly tanned, like all Gerudo's.
Jewelry: Two medium sized golden hoop earings, gold rings on all fingers but her thumbs, and a gold chain with a white diamond for the necklace.
Clothes: Japanese school uniform. Short skirt, which is dark green, the shirt white and long sleeved, and the style is like Kagome's (from Inuyasha), same colors too, dark green and red, and she doesn't wear it tucked in, so a lot of times her stomach shows because it's kind of short. Shoes are like Kagome's as well. (You know Kagome, correct? O_O)
Other: She has three scars, one on her stomach which is three large gashes, and two on her neck, one on the front which looks like a small slash, and one on HER left side, which looks like a bite mark on her neck
Background; My manga's School

*Kashi-mi: girl kitsune in like raggy clothing and in a park or on a street and she is a little girl

*CeleS`VictoriA: Kenshin and Kauru, background is my choice
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