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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   Goddamn It!

I accidently erased all my requests from my little post that I put up here to remind me. And I erased all the rules and regulations! I can't believe this!

I guess I'm writing them all over tomorrow (is to pissed off to do so today). Don't complain to me about it. Your request is still here, and I will still be doing it. Thank you.
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Saturday, October 8, 2005


First, I'm currently taking requests, so act now or forever hold your peace. Requests can be of anything and in any art media (although I prefer inking and colored pencils).

Remember that you need to give me time to finish them, so don't rush me! I go in the order they are requested, so, yah.

Second, some one out there in the world of MyOtaku is rating "no" on every single one of my piccies! I'm serious, they actually did that. I wouldn't mind that they hated my art so much, but they never leave a comment telling me what to fix.

+It takes 2 hours to rate "no" to all my piccies, so, their new official name is "Stalker". It's like they have no life other then rating "no" on my artwork. Lol

Stinks to be them=P
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Friday, October 7, 2005


I won on one of my entrees to the Coram Calendar Contest. I won first for December, with a picture of a wreathe. 2 year olds beat me to the Calendar Cover since this Contest was a "Kids Calendar Contest".

I won $100, and will be buying boots and manga supplies with it.

Thanks to my viewers who were curious if I won!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

   Lifely Stories

Okay, a little bit about some of my art life...

Well, first off, I entered a Coram Healthcare Calendar Contest. I entered 5 entrees (the maximum, which made me happy. Here's the prize earnings:

Cover (x2 Awarded): $200

First Place (x12 Awarded): $100

Second Place (x12 Awarded): $50

Third Place (x12 Awarded): $25

I hope I win both covers, and three first places so I can buy my own scanner and computer and sit upstairs in my room all day:)

Another thing I have been working on is 'Chronicles of Ronoa: Rage of Azuia'. I'm entering the prologue to the 2005-2006 6th Annual Tokyo Pop Manga Competition! I'm so glad Dan Felton doesn't live in the US, otherwise my manga-drawing butt would be so whooped. He's entering in the UK. It's a very interesting Story of Chronicles...

Now, to go into my actual "life" (If I even have one). My friends tend to be ignoring me... I know cause every time I say something when Jacob comes to walk with us, I'm totally ignored. And a lot of my friends have stopped hanging out with me, making me really sad... So, MyOtaku is my very favorite place to be in all the land!
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Monday, April 11, 2005

   Good Things

I have drawn a ton of new pictures that I hope to get up when I get the scanner and internet downstairs returned to their former glory=)

Also, if any of you play Neopets.com then you might want to look me up at xxsangokilalaxx. I just got two grey pets from the lab map in three lab zappings! It totally rox.

Another thing, I have been working on the outline and page layout of my manga and it's coming along nicely. You will all love it!
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   A Sad Thing

While my dad was trying to fix my computer downstairs, he did a Recovery System, which erased everything I had gathered and put together and held dear.

So now, I cannot scan my pictures as he erased the scanners programming... I need to find the disc and redownload it. Also, I need to reupload the internet connection so that I can put the pictures up.

In conclusion, I will only upload pictures I draw on the oekaki - I'm sorry to those who wanted to see some of my new pictures. I'll try to put them up here as files from a camera, but they'll look really crappy, excuse the language.
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