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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My life sucks..i mean really....my parents treat me like crap(they not really my parents...they're kinda sorta my adoptive parents)....i can't talk to the one guy who means the world to me...my parents are trying to set me up with my best guy-friend....my mortal enemy/once best-friend has returned to my school...errrg....karate is no longer fun for me....and my paino teacher has DISSAPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!! *sighs* Some good news though..we went to State Choir Contest and made all 1's..(the highest you can get) That was pretty exciting..thought we think the site reading judges were on crack or something cause they gave us 1's...yeah...Oi...must think of other bright happy news...i'll get back to you on that...
Uhh..hrrrrmmm....i really good book the other day...a vampire book...my FAVORITE kind...i was suprised it was that good..some vampire stories can be REALLY lame...OH! Anyone read the Twilight series? The one about Bella Swan and Edward Cullens?

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

I HAVE 100 GB signs and almost 300 VISITS!! i'm so happy...
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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

long time no talkie-talkie! decided to update a little and add some new stuff....you huys get anything good for christmas? well..i got some money and i spent it on naruto games, mangas, anime, and HYDE's new CD, "FAITH"....he's the lead singer of the band l'arc~en~ceil, by the way, IT IS A FRIGGIN AWESOME CD!!! no joke...you should go buy it and see what you think...hee hee hee...i found a background of HYDE....sexy, no? OH YEAH!!!! i found this awesome video on youtube of hinata and naruto...any naru-fans should watch it...it's so sweet! i also found this one called,"hinata needs a miracle" it's sweet too...the funny part is the picture of naru and saku when Cascada is singing," you cheated on me from behind"...*wipes tears from eyes* yup...that's about it...any of you watch AVATAR?
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Friday, July 14, 2006

please think of the kittens.....

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

it is an AWESOME movie!! ......elizabeth swan...back off bi-och...commodor norrington..i hate you you stupid bastard......CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
heh heh...anyways...i now have 100 visits to my site and 50 gusetbook signatures!!!! thank you guys!!

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