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Monday, May 7, 2007

When your days start to sound like a Cascada song, you know you're in trouble...
"I can't stop the rain from fallin'
I'm drownin in these tears I cry.
Since you left without a warning,
I face the dawn with sleepless eyes
No I can't go on...
When clouds are pushin' down on me, boy
I can't stop, I can't stop the rain
From fallin..."

Ahhh...it started raining after church last night..that was nice...and then it started storming really bad about 11:00 last night and has continued up till now.....church was fun. Got to losten to my friend play, "Sitting, waiting, wishing" by Jack Johnson...he's really good..*smiles*...(and you can sing too, Tony Simon...)...stayed up all night last night because lightning kept strinking outside me window and lighting up my entire room....it was pretty though..

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Friday, May 4, 2007

*still humming to song...* Fridays seem to make everyone happy, i think...even I am in in a good mood...(shocking, isn't it?) And so now i feel bad about the picture i put up on my punching bag last night...i did manage to scare a few people though...they came in and were like, "OMG!! I hope you never punch me like that!" It 'twas funny..i'm thinking about asking my parents to get a voice instructor..other than my piano teacher, i mean..(she's also a choir teacher at a middle school...she helps me sometimes...^-^..)...i don't think they'll let me though cause i'm already having to pay 15 dollars a month at one dojo...my other, i need 75 dollars for a new Gi(they're really picky...we HAVE to wear a Gi with the dojo's insignia on it...)and 110 dollars for equipment...*sighs*...It was funny today cause my latin teacher called me a "typical Romani" (Romanian...) cause it was freexing in the classroom and hot out in the hallway so, when i stepped out the classroom, i hissed and she started cracking up...she was like, "You like it here, don't you?" I nodded my head. "Ahhh...typical Romani..." It was kinda an insult and a compliment at the same time...when we were watching Gladiator, I ATE AN ENTIRE BAG OF POPCORN!! It was one of the snack-sized ones though..heh...i hadn't had popcorn in so long...it was SO yummy....darn you, braces...dew da dew...i watched this really funny episode of Invader Zim(i loves that show....^-^..)last night..it had me laughing through the entire thing....eh..my dad's dragging me along to go watch Spidey-3....feh...i'd rather not...Tai and Tony arekilling my inbox with all their pm's so..i you tried to pm me, and it didn't go through...sorry..i'm cleaning out my inbox as fast as i can but....THEY JUST WON'T STOP!!!.....Naw..i'm kidding...I wanna put the song, "Despretine" by O-zone on here but, i can't find the video...(it's the one that Tai likes that says, "Ma innec in ochii tai, La la la la lei, Plinge lumia dupa iei, La la la la lei, Iesti un inger pa pamint, Despre tine cint,
Si zi si noapte, La la lei" Basically, it means, " I am drowning in your eyes...") Yeah...

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The Keener family and Roy Barnes
This is my mom's sister and brother-in-law's bluegrass band. The lady singing into the microphone wiht the mandolin is my mom's sister. The man standing behind her with the guitar(the one where he's facing you, not the one where you just see the side of his face...) that's Mackey. And the boy with the cello is their son, Shane.
This picture looks like it was taken along time ago, though. Shane is 18 or 19 now and looks about 14 in that picture...*shrugs*


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"Waiting, waiting on you.."
So, part of my mom's family came over to the house last night...(she has a REALLY big family...she has seven other brothers and sisters....)Well, her sister and brother-in-law are part of this really famous bluegrass band...and Mackey(her brother-in-law...)got out his guitar and asked if we wanted him to play anything...i asked if he knew any Jack Johnson..and he said,"Depends on what it is..." And I said, "How 'bout "Sitting, waiting, wishing"? And then he said, "Allright, then! Boy-howdy, let's get this thing going!!" He started playing and I closed my eyes and started singing along...i didn't even hear the house get quiet or feel the tears on my face till it was over....and then Mackey said, "Girl...you've got a voice." It made me happy to hear someone who listens to people sing everyday say that...
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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sitting, waiting, wishing....by Jack Johnson...
Well I was sitting, waiting, wishing
You believed in superstitions
Then maybe you'd see the signs

The Lord knows that this world is cruel
I ain't the Lord, no I'm just a fool
Learning lovin' somebody don't make them love you

Must I always be waiting, waiting on you
Must I always be playing, playing your fool

I sang your songs, I danced your dance
I gave your friends all a chance
But putting up with them
Wasn't worth never having you

Maybe you've been through this before
But it's my first time so please ignore
The next few lines cause they're directed at you

I can't always be waiting, waiting on you
I can't always be playing, playing your fool

I keep playing your part
But it's not my scene
Want this plot to twist
I've had enough mystery
Keep building it up
Then shooting me down
But I'm already down

Just wait a minute
Just sitting, waiting
Just wait a minute
Just sitting, waiting

Well, if I was in your position
I'd put down all my ammunition
I'd wonder why'd it taken me so long

But Lord knows that I'm not you
And if I was, I wouldn't be so cruel
Cause waitin' on love aint so easy to do

Must I always be waiting, waiting on you
Must I always be playing, playing your fool

No, I can't I always be waiting, waiting on you
I can't always be playing, playing your fool

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*sighs* It's hard typing wiht tightly bandaged hands...
And my right hand is really tight because it the one it's the one i use most...--__--**...hee hee hee..today has been..ok...actually...i had SO much fun in my choir class...only bad thing is is that we were practicing for our concert coming up and the alots were practicing their part so, i was talking to one of my friends...my teacher heard me, made me stand up infront of the class, and part of the song. Yeah..here's what i had to sing..."I have walked, and i have prayed, i could forgive, and we could start again....int the end, you are my one true friend.....(boring part...)......Though love my change, it never dies, it changes shapes, through changing eyes. What i denied, i now can see..you always were the light inside of me..." And then i goes on until the end, which is REALLY pretty...i still like "Memory" better though..i can't wait untill we preform at the concert and graduation...at the end of class, i punched this guy named Kirby in my class..(his name is "Kirby" because his last name is Kirbo..)...and he is a friggin GIANT!! He looked down at me and was like, "Oww...what was that for?"
Me: "Aww...suck it up..i barely punched you.."
Him: "Yeah but....you punched me!!'
Me: (at this point i start poking his arm) "Ok..now what?"
Him: "There's muscle in there, i swear...deeeeeeep down inside, i know..one day it's just gonna...BANG!! And then pop out on ya.."
Me: (claps hands to face and take off running..) Oh, noes!!! Ish da Kirby-monster!!"

And then he chases me around the classroom while everyone around us starts laughing..guess you just kinda had to be there...Oh, and our choir teacher made us raise our right hands and solenly swear not to hurt, mutilate, threaten, or in anyother way terrorize the sub will will have tommorrow..it's was really funny...^-^

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Finally, together we were destined, I know what's best for us in the end
Someone hear me, someone stop me, someone listen, why aren't you listening?

Passion in my eyes, I lived it everyday, but how could you go throw it all away?
In my dreams it's me and you, it's there I saw it all come true
As time went by faith in you grew, so one thing's left for me to do
In my dreams it's me and you, it's there I saw it all come true
As time went by faith in you grew, so one thing's left to finish you (hahaha)

*yawns* 'Nother eventful night at church..when home, stayed up till eleven 'o clock beating up the punching bag...stayed up till one doing homework...*yawns*.....got up at five to beat up the punching bag again, went to school with the bandages still on my hands...yeah...oh...i think it's gonna rain again today..i think i hear it now..hmmm...i started laughing cause right after i told Tony it was gonna rain, it started sprinkling..heh..and i was kinda in a bad mood...although..now i'm kinda enjoying the rain when i'm in a bad mood...it makes me feel better...*smiles*

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What do you do when you get lonely
and nobody's waiting by your side?
You've been running and hiding much too long.
You know it's just your foolish pride.

Layla, you got me on my knees.
Layla, i'm begging darlin' please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind?

I Tried to give you consolation
When Your old man had let you down.
Like a fool, I fell in love with you,
You turned my whole world upside down.

Layla, you got me on my knees.
Layla, i'm begging darlin' please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind?

Let's make the best of the situation,
Before I finally go insane.
Please don't say we'll never find a way,
Or tell me all my love's in vain.

Layla, you got me on my knees.
Layla, i'm begging darlin' please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind?

Layla, you got me on my knees.
Layla, i'm begging darlin' please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind?

I have the acustic version on a cd and i sang it over and over again last night...all the words makes sense now..they didn't when i was little.

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Random thoughts of a teenage monster....
I am currently sitting infront of this really funny Asian guy(Micheal)who keeps talking too loud because he has an earphones in and doesn't realize that people all the way in China can hear what he is saying. Tonight is church...ehh...we have a choir concert coming up that i need to practice for..we're singing, "Memory" from the musical, "Cats" and a whole bunch of songs from the musical, "Oklahoma"..most of those songs are stupid but, there's the one that's really kinda sad. It's two parts, a guy and a girl, singing at the same time, kinda echoing eachother, the girl's singing all pretty and mushy-like cause she really likes the guy, and the guys like, "Don't gaze at me and sigh...Don't dance with me untill the stars fade away..people will say we're in love.." The girl keeps going on and on about how great this guy is and he keeps singing in the background on what not to do...I think i'm gonna try out for the part...ahh..Memory...i really love that song...exspecially the part, "Daylight..i must wait for the sun-rise..i must think of a new life..and i mustn't give in...when the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too..look a new day..has begun..." I cried in the sith grade when i first watched that movie in choir class...i felt so bad for Grizzabella..
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"And this is how you remind me of what i really am...this is how you remind me of what i really am.....It's not like you, to say sorry. I was waiting on a different story. This time i'm mistaken, for handing you a heart worth breakin'...And I've been wrong, I've been down
into the bottom of every bottle
These five words in my head
Scream are we having fun yet?"

Imma gonna put that video on my site once i get tired of "Layla"....Oh! Last night we got a new punching bag-thingy in the shape of a real human....awwww, maaaaannnn...it is SO much fun!! You can put somebody's picture on the face and beat the crap out of it!! I was the first to play with it heh....the only thing that sucks is if you go to fast for the spring recoil, your punches will skid off and burn the skin off of your knuckles...i did that with my elbow...i was going really fast and i did an elbow cross and the friction BURNED OFF MY SKIN!! It still hurts...T^T...i played with it for about an hour, i had to stop because my knuckles were getting really swollen and turning purple...(i still have nerve damage in my hands from when i hit a wall of ice...ehh...they swell up easier now...)AND IT WAS RAINING OUTSIDE!! I have no idea how it keeps raining when i'm in a bad mood but, i'm lovin' it...heh..so, i went outside and played in the rain for a little while..that was nice...^-^...

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