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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sorry..I haven't been on here in..months?
I'm always saying that.

A bunch of stuff happened that I don't really feel like going into detail about, but to sort of sum it up..my dog that i've had since forever died, my neighbor's house burned to the ground, my mom might have to get surgery again, my other friends mom might have breast cancer..some other bad stuff happened to a lot of my friends..my family isn't being any support at all, and more.

Um, but good things happened too. I went on vacation earlier this month to this resort we go to, and that was fun.
I was also in a musical yesterday and the day before. :]
School house rock. XD It was awesome, though I felt like I was going to pass out in the middle of conjunction junction on saturday.

Also, I got Uroboros (awesome CD ^___^), and my mom keeps insulting Kyo. ;___; she doesn't like his voice, for some reason.


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