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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too much going on. D:
I don't even like to speak with fully formed sentences, anymore.

So I bleached some of my hair(my bangs), this sort of platinum colour, and now it feels artificial. -_-lllll

Congrats to Obama, I'm actually kind of glad that he won, because now the country will at least be really uninted and we'll get our pride back.

That's pretty much all that's happened. Oh, and Ta-chan, I'm sorry I'm not really being that honest. But I'm sure you know my reason for not opening up about anything recently. So about that things you said in class. I actually have no problem with that, because I think I might be as well. :]
There were just some people in the room that if they heard....well..it would be hell.
I just don't want people talking about it if they knew, so don't tell anyone.
And that means I'll deny it if you bring it up at school. <3

I say 'see ya' after every post. >_<
It's getting old.


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