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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Naruto characters think... *girls and gay guys mostly* (Wahoo! OVer 7000 hits!) by Oya
Color (Sorry)
Favorite Naruto Character
Naruto thinks...You are Hot!!
Sasuke thinks...You are wonderful.
Sakura thinks...Why am I not as wonderful as her?!
Iruka Thinks...You should go out with Naruto
Kiba thinks...You should go on a walk with him and Akamaru.
Gaara thinks...You would make a good partner one day.
Kankuro thinks...You would make Gaara happy.
Kakashi thinks...You should read Icha Icha Paradise with him.
Shikamaru thinks...You are smart and pretty.
Rock Lee thinks...He should protect you.
Ino thinks...You are kind, and smart.
Hinata thinks...You will help her come out of her shell.
Shino thinks...You and him should share a sleeping bag.
TenTen Wants you to be her best friend
Temari thinks...You are a wonderful person.
NejiWant to kiss you.
How much they all like you
Who do you end up with?Kakashi

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