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Sunday, October 21, 2007

   long time no see
well my brother was nice(for once)and let me get on her so i could write is and change my site oh and i miss you all so much...
oh bad news i'm getting my laptop for chirsmas insted ^^' well ugh please don't think i'll never come back because i love theO and i'll come back as soon as i can ok

P.S and for the theme 1. i think thier adoriable together and
2.it's for someone hopefully you know who u r and i just said all of that because i needed to think things thourgh i knows i could of told you about it but i didn't and that was stupid on my part i'm sorry

oh last thing i might go to my friends house so i can upload a pic of me looking like orihime because i'm being her for HOLLOW~ween i promise this time
hopefully i can talk to you all again soon
( )_( )

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