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Friday, June 1, 2007

look at the longest comment i have ever done in my life i did it on alphose 13 (i hope i spelled it right)post today weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

thats not fair i haven't got it yet owwwwwwwwwww my foot fells like nails are going into it it hurts owwwww well on the other hand your site rocks i love sanji he's awesome *drools*man i'm doing it again i better hurry up b4 i flood the houde lol
i like squash and squashing things lol
yes being evil rocks but when other people are evil in the bad way it sucks,well i don't have the action figures i wish i did but i did draw a zolo picture for the fair and got 2nd with i was in 6th^^
yep i know his prevyness even if i did just meet him hehe
i try to collect anything of anime so far i just have the books and drawings
i hope it wasn't to bad
prevyness is hott.....(you didn't just read that ok you didn't read that I REPEAT YOU DIDN'T READ THAT)
ok sometimes when i'm bored i hit the girls on the walls and bite the guys heads only if they don't have real hair
i'm going to have a one piece theme eventully
my room is dangorous too my kakashi and sanji plushies kill people ha!
yep i love plushies
i only have plushies so far but at least i can cuddle them^^

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