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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Naruto Character's Secret Thoughts About You! (For Girls) by FluffyxBunny
First Name?
Last Name?
Naruto's thoughts:Whoa.. she is very pretty *blush*
Sakura's thoughts:She's funny and nice!! I like her!!
Sasuke's thoughts:What a loser...
Kakashi's thoughts:She's a cutie!!!
Neji's thoughts:She is very beautiful.
Shikamaru's thoughts:She is cute. and funny. and... perfect.
Shino's thoughts:Don't have much to say about her..
Gaara's thoughts:I wonder if she likes to play in the sand..
Itachi's thoughts:I must admitt, she is sexy, but nothing else.
Hinata's thoughts:I wonder if she wants to be friends..

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