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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hello everyone! ^o^ I'm hoping that EVERYONE, and yes, that means YOU there *points at you* the one reading the post, that EVERYONE had a GREAT and FANTABULOUS christmas!! ^_________^ or kwanzaa or hannukah, or whatever you celebrate. and that you got a good haul this year too! ^____^ i sure did! allow me to explain:

Actual Presents and Who They're From
The Open Door by Evanescence: Mom & Dad
Anywhere But Home by Evanescence: Mom & Dad
GA Bulldog Blanket: Mom and Dad
GA Bulldog Jacket: Mom and Dad (X.x)
3 New Pairs of PJ Pants: Mom and Dad
Princess Mononoke: Mom and Dad
Pirates o. t. Carribean 2: Mom and Dad
Jeans: Mom and Dad ( >o< )
Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate $25: Cousin Nick
Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate $50: Granny C.
$35 Cash: Nanny
$25 Cash: Granny C.
Hot Topic Gift Card $5: Best Friend Olivia
Phantom of the Opera DVD: Dusk
Pink and Black Fucking Awesome Keychain: Dusk
Booklight: Mom and Dad
Dixie Shirt: sister Allison
$1: sister Beth

Presents Bought With Money
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie-Conqueror of Shambala
Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1 DVD
Bamboo Brush
India Calligraphy Ink
Chobits 3
DNAngel 1
Basara 1-7

A Phone Call on Christmas Day- my boyfriend Matt

i hope everyone had just as good a one as i did. *nods* i'll be changing my theme soon too, as well, to kick off the year '07. ^o^ woot! lol. and i'm sorry i didn't post before. i was at my granny's the whole week ._. but i still had fun! ^o^ lol. so i'll see yall later.

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