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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

XDDDDD 12:30 in the morning! ^o^ lol. i love christmas break. :P and i love talkin to the awesome people who come to see me on myo. ^O^ thanks you guys. *hugs to all*

I decided to work on my site a bit these past few days, but i didn't do much. just added a new song! ^o^ it's that song that was in the vid that was in the recent Anime Attraction that was on theotaku. ^^ i love this song! it's really good. if you would like access to the song, please click the link:

Carol of the Bells~
Trans-Siberian Orcestra

there we are ^^ now then. onward ho! XDDDD

Some of you may know Sessy514, and if you do and you've been to his site since saturday, you'll know his site underwent a MAJOR site change. ^o^ i fixed him up a new theme, and hopefully some of you may have time to go and check it out for yourselves. comment on his posts and give him feedback about it please =3 and tell me too! i'd like to know what yall think of my style of layouting. ^^

i hope each and every one of yall has a GREAT christmas. i'll almost definitely be here during the actual day and eve, but maybe not after the holidays D: i might be going to meh internet-less grandma's. V.V but i'll see yall later! ^o^

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