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Saturday, December 16, 2006

HEYA GUYS! XD sorry i haven't updated a bit. i needed a day when i had more than 5 minutes on the comp. *nods*

it was exam week at school this week. the first two days we did end of course tests for science and language arts, and then we had a free day on wednesday, and then thursday and friday were exam days. you didn't have to come to school if you were exempted from all your exams, but i came anyway :P i guess i love school so much that i wanna come anyway. and there was NO ONE there. we usually have 4 shifts for lunch because there's so many people in the school, and even with four shifts there's a lot of folks in their at one time. well, yesterday we all went in one shift and there was STILL room in the lunchroom for at least 25 or 50 people. that's how many folks there wasn't there. so all we did those two days was play Halo on the X-box, play the BS card game, watch movies, and play catch phrase. :P lots of fun and food. xD

If any of you have a chance to come to georgia, PLEASE go to downtown athens, it is GORGEOUS, all the stores and christmas lights and everything. and the bars and stuff just makes it feel all cozy. *nods*

i guess that's it. i might comment around here sometime if i'm not busy later today. hope yall have a good christmas!

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