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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello to all! ^o^ i saw that i hadn't updated in five days so i came to say hola =3 lol. thank you all for yall's wonderful comments about my theme!!! ^_______^ i really appreciated them. and thanks to those who also went and checked out my artwork and stuff =3 yall will certainly have more to check out when this post is over with. xD

As some of you may or may not know, i went on a total wallpaper making spree a couple days ago. i know some of you checked them out and commented on them, but for those that didn't, i proved to you......the LINK!!! lol. anyway, i hope at least a small handful of you find them to your liking. if you don't, tell me what i could do to make them better than they are. *nods*

yesterday we went up to atlanta to go christmas shopping and such. you know how it is =P when were at the mall of georgia i went in to hot topic to see if they still had my anime shirt. they didn't ;.; all they had was some Bleach and Naruto stuff, and ONE fullmetal alchemist shirt that i've been wanting for a LONG time. you know, that transmutation circle shirt. *nods* i love that one, but when i showed it to meh mum to see if she would get it for me for christmas, she looked at me like "that's it. off to the asylum." =/ Anything like that happen to you guys?

Also, when we were waiting at the restauruant for supper, my daddy went over to barnes and noble to get something. i was like "why didn't know take me with you!?!?!?! TT_TT" and i found out that he had gone there to get me a christmas present >w> i hope it's manga, or a gift card there or something. that would be nice. *nods*

one more thing before i stop meh senseless rambling. I need yall's opinion on something:

Is it insane for a woman on oxygen to smoke a cigarette when the oxygen tank is within 12 inches of her?

that's what i need the opinions of yall on. *nods* i'll see yall later =3

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