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Monday, December 4, 2006

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL! lol. i'm not gonna do anything special today, just because i'm at school and i don't have much time to post and stuff =/

well first, i hope everyone can see my new theme!!! ^O^ if you wanna leave comments on it go ahead =3 also, could you tell people to come see it? i know it sounds really really childish >o< but i want to know what everyone thinks and stuff ;.; so please just do that for poor little squirrel, okies? thank you if you dooooo! ^o^

i also got to read basara 8-11 over the weekend and today. dude i'm really sad that all the library has left is number 12, and hopefully i'll be getting the manga for christmas. or another manga series, but it'll be really nice to add to my collection. *nods*

in other news, i submitted a drawing to the o, and i don't have time to put the link up, but you can just go to my portfolio. *nods* and comment and rate on it too please! i know i'm asking alot, but i'll come by and comment on those who come to see me T^T *hugs to all* thanks you guys. ;.;

i gotta go now. mr. booth sees that i'm not on what i'm supposed to be on. >o

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