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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Random Mystery Song of the Day:



i'm sorry that there's not a song of the day. i'm just way too tired right now to put one up. or to figure out who won the one before. XD we just got home from a weekend in tifton, and i am TIRED. lord. that is the LAST time i come from tifton to madison co. in the middle of the night. XP


also one of the reasons i'm not putting much this post is because i just got through seeing the movie Phantom of the Opera all the way through, and everytime i actually watch it all the way and pay attention, i bawl my eyes out. it really is sad ;.; because everybody treats him bad based SOLELY upon the way he looks and it ain't right i tell ya, NOT RIGHT AT ALL! so i was like "HOW THE FUCK CAN YALL DO THAT TO HIM!?!?! HE DID NOTHING TO YALL BEFORE YOU SENT HIM TO LIVE IN HELL!!!" so anyway....also, if anyone cares, knows, or wants to share there ideas, i'm curious to know how the phantom's face got the way it did. i had one friend tell me it was a burn, but i'm not sure. that didn't look like no burn to me, but anyway......what do i know?


I hope everyone has a great, safe, and scary halloween this year! and i'm looking forward to knowing what your going to dress up as ^^ i might be a dead softball player, but pretending to be kai hiwatari is still high on my list. XD

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