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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Random mystery song of the day:

Daddy's flown across the ocean
Leaving just a memory
A snapshot in the family album
Daddy what else did you leave for me?


Ok i bet you noticed the new thing at the top of my post right? well that is something i came up with, and you have to guess the song title and the artist(s). if you're the first to guess it and guess it right, you get a free homemade e-card from me! yay ^_____^ i hope that's enough of a prize though. but i have a hint for ya, since it's the first day. ok here's the hint:

There are two different artist who sing this song.

I hope that entertain's yall alot ^^


How many of yall saw bleach last night? I saw it and thought it was kick ass! ^__________^ i saw a bit of trinity blood before that, and i don't think that's my type of anime ._.;; no offense to any TB fans. *bows* but back to bleach, i found out that ichigo is only fifteen. i was like rawwwwwr. lol. he is hot though >o> and his voice is kick ass. and they did a better job with the dub than i thought they would, cuz most american dub companies fuck the whole anime up. but this one was perty good ^^


I know some of yall may be too lazy to go see, but i submitted a new fan art the other day, and i thought yall might like to see it. It's called Bob and Rye, and it's about these two guy aliens who don't know how to not be bored. But anyway it's a really funny comic ^__________^ i hope you like it.


Well that's it for me. please comment yall! i really like it when you comment ;.; it makes me feel loved =P

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