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Thursday, August 31, 2006

sorry i haven't updated yall. i've been really busy with school and softball and i come home exhausted everyday T___T

and i'm so happy about it ^////^ i'm going to be 15! if anyone wants to send me a card, PM me for meh address. but you gotta promise not to come rape me or murder me or molest me or anything like that. bad things happen to people who try to do that to me >.>

anyway movin on, we have another game today and were gonna WIN! we didn't win against Habersham, but the Varsity team did...*shrugs* we gotta shake it off now.

Might be gettin a new theme yall! i think i'll change it on my birthday. Maybe, or after that. or before. no it can't be before, i'm going to my granny's this weekend for meh birthday. ^-^ anyway, i'll see yall around. i'm really sorry that i didn't update before T_________T

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