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Friday, August 25, 2006

hey yall. sorry i didn't update in a while. it's been a big week for meh...

first, on tuesday, our game got rained out, so we had to play on wednesday. we won! 14-0 and varsity won their's 12-0, which should say that Cedar Shoals wasn't on top of their game that night.

ok and then i had practice on thursday and we had to run 3 poles because alot of us missed the signs he gave us (bunt, slug, steal, take, etc...) but i wasn't one of them. which was unfair T.T but oh well.

and then today we had a double header in jefferson, and...we lost. both games. it was sad. i'm not gonna go into it.

so anyway...weekend! yay! dunno if i'll post a lot though. gotta go. see yall later!

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