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Sunday, August 20, 2006

:D i'm so happy! my ma and daddy finally had the sense to move the computer into my room, so my daddy can have computer room as his office. but then...i still have my old computer that crashes all the damn time, and my momma got this new flatscreen for her comp and my daddy got a totally new computer all together T.T oh well...i'm content with this ^^

anyway moving on...i got a faster internet now, because instead of being physically connected to the DSL, my daddy put an antenna in the cpu and now it picks up the dsl signal. and the best part about it being in my room is that fact that i can listen to my stereo at the same time :D in fact i'm listening to linkin park's numb right at this very moment. ^_____________________^

it's been a while since i wrote a long post so i think i'll make this one long. so how have yall been? busy? lazy? bored? i've been all of those things and frustrated...but it's cool now. yup yup. oh yeah yall need to see this banner EdwardElrictheSecond made for me:

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he used a quote that i had said on IM, so that's why it says "Cuz i'm fucking awesome like that!" ^^ yup yup. i ish happy. well i really do have to go, i have a paper to write for Mr. Taylor. see ya later.

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