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Thursday, August 17, 2006

hey yall, i just got back from softball practice, but i'm not at my house right now. i'm at the madison county library, typing on there comps that they have. i'm really supposed to be at down the hill at the softball tournament and helping with the concession stands but all my friends were walking up here, so i decided to come along too. so sue my ass. :P

turns out that the varsity softball team won't be playing any more in the start off tournament. they lost both their games last nite, and so today when they went to practice, they had to run poles and stay longer after practice. XP i'm glad we didn't play in it and lost...but we don't get to play in it till next year. T.T

i wish i had remembered my library card...but i didn't, so i can't get any books here today. oh well. i got some back at the stand. hey my friends are leaving, so i'll talk to all yall later. peace.

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