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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

hey yall. hey you know that feeling of deja vu? well it seems like deja vu hates me because it keeps repeating the fact that my comp keeps crashing >.< yes, my comp crashed again last nite, and i'm so pissed it's not even funny.

so anyway...i got a lot of good compliments on my new theme, thank you all ^^ so now i have to find another theme for next time (i really don't have a system for layout changes, i just changed them whenever i feel like =P). and speaking of typing, guess what my typing speed is now? 115 words a minute!!! lol i just thought i'd tell ya that...

so i'm just sitting here...eating meh sausage and biscuit, getting ready for school, all that junk...all that junk inside your trunk XD lol sorry that's the song that's stuck in my head today...even though i haven't listened to it for quite sometime now ._.;;; oh well

i gotta go get in the truck now so i'll talk to all yall later, and i hope yall have good days from here on out. ^^

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