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Thursday, August 10, 2006

hey yall. practice went good. we have pictures on sat, so i'll put one up here for yall to see ^^

hopefully tomorrow, i'll have time to get to all yall's sites, and comment like i should. i know i've been neglecting some of yall a bit, but i've been ultra super busy. ._.;;; i'll try to get to yall though.

thanks to one of my dear friends who comments on me (i can't remember who you are, but if your the one, i thank you) she reminded me who was the manga-ka for the manga series Alichino. and i thank her ^^

currently listening to usher....XD sorry, thought i'd be random today...no, it's not a phase. :P oh well. XD now i'm listening to green day. WMUWSE haha. yah, i know, the abbreviations, but i just don't feel like writing out "Wake Me Up When September Ends". XP

So yeah...i finally submitted some wallpapers yesterday! woot. ^^ well actually i only submitted one and one e-card. ._.;;; oh well. but yall check those out please. ^^ i gotta go now. i'll see yall later.

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