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Monday, August 7, 2006

hola all! ^^ sorry i ain't been here....haven't had any time on the damn comp. so yeah...i'm here now. ^_____________^

so the first two days of highschool are ok. but the problem is i get so lost....because the school is so big and everything, and i forget where my classes are ._.;;; so yah...that's why they invented maps ^-^

about the wallpapers and everything....i've been too lazy to go out and find pics so i'm just like....bleh right now.

I went to meh orthodonist appointment today. woot. i got my colors changed to red and silver (the highschool colors ^^) and i got my top wire changed and junk....so yeah, my teeth hurt now. XP

i know it wasn't much, but there just ain't much to talk about now...so yah...i might change my theme again soon so yall be ready for that whenever. yup yup. i'll see yall later!

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