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Saturday, August 5, 2006

sorry i ain't updated too much yall...i've been ultra super busy ._.;;; and i didn't know if everyone had gotten to my previous post, so i left it there so they could.

Today we went and sold signs to help raise money for the softball team. we need new uniforms, equipment, and money to pay the umpires with. so yeah....i was selling signs. i did perty good i think, we sold 5 signs, and got $160 in donations. woot! some people just pissed me off though. like half the people i tried to sell to lived in like Franklin county (we beat them in softball), jackson county (beat them too), Cedar Shoals (god i got so fuckin pissed), and so yeah like half the folks in Ingles were foreign XP

well i gotta go....school supply shopping. XP i'll see yall later.

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