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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

sorry i didn't get around to commenting yesterday yall. my mama (remember the PMSing bitch >.>) decided to change my punishment from being 2 hours to 7 hours off the comp and shit, so i didn't get to update anything or comment on anyone. ;.;

So anyway tryout yesterday were fun, but i did worse than i though. ._.;;; well actually i didn't do bad (i did better than some girls) but i know i could've done better. there were some girls there that shouldn't have even come to tryouts. they never came to any of the weight lifting sessions or had some to work out in the field or had any kind of softball experience whatsever. XP but coach has made any cuts yet but he knows who's not gonna be on it. i'm almost certainly on the team. but today were working on hitting and a bit more running. meh.

i'll only have time to comment on the people who comment today and yesterday because i'm going to my daddy's classroom to help set up. yay! at least i get to help a little bit. but he works in a computer room! XD it's like bulldog heaven or somethin like that. but thats one place i wanna be, in a comp room. :P well i'm gonna let yall go now. see ya tomorrow!

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