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Sunday, July 30, 2006

hullo all! third post in hmc theme. XD yesh i keep track of it. so sue me dammit. ><

so anyways i found out that opera music is really good sometimes. i went to the store with my daddy and i wanted to know if he had the original phantom of the opera song and he did and so i had to get through the rest of his songs to hear it. and i found out that opera is pretty good in french. *shrugs* so anyway i heard the original Phantom of the Opera and it's perty good.

i also got me a new manga! WOOOOOOOOOT! Fruits Basket Vol. 2. hehehe. even though i've already seen the anime, i feel like i'm still in for a suprise in the manga. yeah...:P i practically had to beg my daddy to get it for me. oh well.

i made a new picture yall! :D i made it for vince demonhunter, because he likes san from princess mononoke ^^ if yall wanna see it just click right here. i would put the actual pic in the post, but since the post is so small now, it would be better if yall just went to the pic. ^^

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