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Saturday, July 29, 2006

hullo all. i think i got some pretty good feedback on my site. ^^ i'm glad yall like it, and i'm glad i like it too. :P

I have a new favorite song. It's called Slow Down by Bobby Valentino and i LOVE it. ^^ and then after it i heard mockingbird by eminem. the breaking of the mockingbird's neck makes me laugh everytime. XD dunno why, even though it's really cruel.

Today i finally got to talk to nate. yay! *hugs self* :D just thought i'd let yall know.

Starting today, my daddy had to plan for teaching because he's teaching at my sister's school and he has to get all his stuff together. so he wasn't around for most of the day. oh well...

I'm on the last episode of fruits basket. T^T i still say it should be KyoxTohru but i guess Takaya destines Tohru for Yuki. XP it's not that i don't like yuki, i just want her to be Kyo because that's who i would want to be with if i was her. :P not my fault. but kyo is just so damn hot XD

well i'll see yall later! gonna go watch the rest of the last episode. ^^

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