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Friday, July 28, 2006

WOOT! i have been one busy bee. I changed the WHOLE theme so now it's pretty! ^^ it's called Welcome To The Wastes (as stated in the Welcome sign) and it based all around howl's moving castle. i tried to find some HMC music, but i couldn't T^T oh well. At first i was gonna go with Phantom of the Opera, but the link wouldn't work so i went with harry potter. yup yup. so now it's 2 in the morning and i'm sitting here all proud of myself ^//////////^ i wanna know what yall think! TELL ME TELL ME!! hehehe. oh yeah all the signs, buttons, menus, and everything was made by me. Except the background. that was made by someone on the o. i forget who, but i ain't claimin it as meh own. :P i've had enough of the Otaku law enforcement to claim it as mine. so yeah. dunno what i'm doing tomorrow, my daddy has to go to the school and prepare to teach this year. WOOT! i start school on the 3rd of august so i won't be able to say hi as early as i been doin. :-( maybe i can sneak in to the comp lab. heheh. well i gotta go to bed now. see yall tomorrow.

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