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Thursday, July 27, 2006

   hey yall...
little late posting today. i was busy this mornin, pickin and cutting and husking corn and such...and meh sis was hoggin the comp all day so...mehh...i shall live T^T

fruits basket is the most awesomest anime since beyblade. ^___________^ it's hilarious and i'm on episode 15, part 2. woot. ayame scares me...o-o;; and akito needs to chill out. he scares meh too.

did yall notice that i changed meh song today? it's called In The End by Linkin Park. it's meh favorite song from Hybrid Theory. mhm. and they changed meh goddamn cursor >< has anyone else's done that? my sister got one from the same site and her cursor is the exact same thing. XP i'ma go and see what's up with it...

so anyway...if yall want to go to meh deviant art account, click on this link. i've submitted alot of wallpapers on that account so if you have one on da, go comment please. ^^ i gotta go now. see yall later.

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