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Monday, July 24, 2006

hey yall. tiz squirrel *bows* i did get meh comp fixed and she ish all new again. *smiles* owww...;.; damn braces...

well i had a very good time. i thought i would actually be able to use her comp at meh gram's house but it turns out that her comp is being an ass as well. ;.; oh well. i'm back now. what's goin on with the ranking thing in MyO? are they fixin it or something?

ok some of the stuff we did, was we saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 :D which was awesome. heheh. and then i saw Monster House on Friday. also kick ass. heheh. and then i got me a new shirt that's awesome, and me and meh sis and meh granny went to albany for a day and we went to the aquariam and then the IMAX theatre and then we went to the mall where i gots me a fruits basket manga :D i wanna get the rest of em T^T...kyo ish hot goddamnit. you got a problem with that, kiss my ass. :P

*looks around site* doesn't look like it's changed much...hhmm...i'll check out the o and see what has changed and junk. :P see yall later.

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