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Sunday, July 9, 2006

   i hope yall enjoyed the words yesterday.
yo wuz up meh homies in da hood...sorry. felt a bit of gangsta right there. yup. nothin like gangsta...heheh...

speakin of which, i was talkin to a friend over yahoo yesterday and we were discussing gangstas and rappers and everything and i remembered that nate was gangsta and i was like ^//////////^ and my friend goes "you go out with a rapper?" and i was like "hell yeah." and he goes "a dixie girl and a rappin gangsta...." and i went ^//////^ cuz i ish so happy with da rapper. :P

moving on...i'm currently listening to faint by linkin park. yes, i know, random, but i'm kinda waitin for someone to get on so i can discuss with him a matter that is of some or a lot of urgency. >.> yeah...

movies i watched yesterday: mary poppins, annie, jeff foxworthy, the water boy, and my personal favorite, duck soup. that shit is funny. :P

oh yeah, now it's breaking the habit. mhm.

did yall like the words yesterday? i noticed that not many people commented and i was wondering if it was because of the words. i don't know. T_T i thought they was funny.

well...gonna go submit some wallpapers that won't get deleted...XP she coulda told me first...before she deleted em...gah...what's the o comin to...

now i'm listenin to From the Inside, which is the first ever linkin park song i ever heard. yup. sho is. well i'ma leave yall now. please comment. i like it when yall comment. i makes me feel special. T_T

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