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Saturday, July 8, 2006

hey guess what i finally got the pop ups to go away............................after the comp crashed. T_T that's like the FIFTH and a half time it's done that and it's startin to get old. you know? meh...i guess we'll just have to take it's ass to geek squad.

well i do infact remember i was going to put up yall some redneck words today and i ish keeping my promise. there are 10 of them. enjoy ^^.

1.aspect-"He got done skinny-dippin', passed out on that deck chair, and had his aspect by a woodpecker."

2.bigots-"Man, Al's belly is so bigots draggin' on the floor."

3.Calcutta-"Well, far as I can tell, Calcutta fart and then somebody struck a match."

4.condom-"She condom into thinkin' she was on the pill."

5.demographic-"Demographic photos in that dirty magazine."

6.direction-"Doc, could you give my Hank here a sample of those little blue pills? Direction ain't what it used to be."

7.mother-"My oldest brother is alright, but mother brother's crazy."

8.quota-"To quota great philosopher, it's spilt milk under the bridge."

9.sushi-"We were gonna get married, but after I told her about sushi changed her mind."

10.testament-"When I told you I hope you pass the test, Darlene, that weren't the testament."

lol i hope you like those. I got all them from Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary: Words You Thought You Knew The Meaning Of so I thought I'd share that with yall. ^^ hey yall tell me which one was your favorite, okies?

well...i gotta fold clothes and get ready for monday once again so...see yall later. ^^

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