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Thursday, July 6, 2006

WHO EVER IN THE HELL IS DELETING MY GUESTBOOK ENTRIES BETTER STOP!! i had 398 gb signings yesterday now i got like 396 and it keeps happening. I don't know if the sites are getting deleted or someone is deleting the signatures but i they better quit or they'll find a steel-toed boot up there ass if i find them. i swear to god....people worked hard to make those and if you don't like what people write in my guestbook you can just go the fuck on. i don't give a shit. so you better quit before i find you or your ass is goin in the ground. now if your like reporting the sig then at least tell me first >.>

sorry. i've been going insane because i'm really late and everything...you girls no what i'm talking about i think...and i've been dealing with the cramps and shit all through softball practice this morning so...oh about softball, today was my last day till tryouts. YAY. but it rained all through softball practice today so i'm soaking wet...heh. at least i'll be true to meh joke now that i made for nate...heheh...

i'm not gonna be here next week starting on monday because i'm going to camp jekyll in south georgia. i'll be gone till friday but i'll post on saturday. ^^ i'll tell yall all about it.

thanx to those that commented yesterday. i appreciate everyone who comes here just to listen to me rant, rave, complain, ramble, talk, whatever you wanna call it. cuz i know i can be annoying sometimes and just go on and on and on...like now. -_- sorry. but seriously yall. thankies! ^^

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