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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

   whats up yall
lots of folks updated yesterday, i noticed. i didn't get to everyone comment wise so...yeah

i feel really random today...does anyone know where i can get some good narutoxhinata pics? i'm not really into the show, i just have a friend who's looking for them. so just put the link in the comment please.

some other movies i watched yesterday, ice age and a series of unfortunate events. so now i'm watching shark tale and everything...

another random subject, if any of yall live in the Toa Alta district of Puerto Rico, and if you know Nate Marin, tell him to get his ass online. please. he'll know why. ^^

also another thing my friend is looking for, is a story (fanfiction i think) in which (in his words) where hinata and naruto just...do it. XD lol but he's looking for one. he's no perv he's just wanting to read the story. so if you find one just give me the link and i'll give it to him.

well i'm done being random for today. i think i might make some wallpapers or e-cards or something...i don't know. but i'ma leave now. see yall later.

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