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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   hey yall!!
some of yall may not have noticed, but i did some major site changes...that's what all the fuss was about today about all the links and junk...i didn't know how to do but i learned. ^^ like my pic right there?
that's a pic i found on deviant art. it's called Phoenix Kai by chizukahime. If you want to see the pic in it's original format go here. cuz it's cool like that. :P

i'd like to thank DBZfreak93 for the help site, inkenyo 2.0 for the help site, Reno the Turk for the help site, and the lovely Ms. Caroline (Witchhunterfan) for getting rid of that goddamned navi bar. i bow down to you caroline. *does yahoo bow down smiley* hehe. moving on...

how do yall like it? it took awhile of looking, reading, cussing, a few tears, and a few pleas of caroline to get it to work, but it did. ^^ hehe. the music thing i learned as well. ^^ and i learned how to do this. hehehehe. awesome ain't it yall? ^^

let's see...i submitted alot more wallpapers tonite, while watching scary movie 3 i might add. oh yeah i watched some movies while on the comp today. scary movie 3, the beyblade movie, and hp 4. i watched scary movie and hp all the way through because the beyblade movie sucks. i'm sorry, it does. there wasn't enough kai and too much of tyson and daichi. XP

well i better be getting on. it's almost 3 in the morning and i have to get to bed. see yalls! ^^

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