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Thursday, June 29, 2006

   thanx yall
at least i know that if i go anywhere yall will miss me! oooh ;.; i know i'm loved on here somewhere.

ok so about my trip. i went to tifton, as you know, and while i was there, i was helping meh granny get ready for cousin susie coming to spend a week with her. ^^ i got to pressure wash the house and i got squiggle lines in the concrete XD it was fuckin awesome. i got 20 dollars for it and i got to buy meh a dixie shirt (it says bowhunting: the ultimate challenge) and a new rebel necklace with spikes. it's awesome as well. ^_~

i finally convinced my sis to let me borrow howl's moving castle, so now it's sitting on meh shelf waiting to be watched a hundred times. ^^ but that is meh favorite movie by hayao miyazaki, and then it's spirited away and then princess mononoke. yeah....

i had weight training today so meh arms are sore. T^T but they get over it, yep. and i got me a big jug of gatorade so i ish happy now. ^^ lol. grape flavor is awesome bitches *raves*

oh yeah a new thing i saw on people's sites is asking them questions and such. so i guess i got 3 for yall here. if yall don't like me doin this just tell me. ^^ so anyway here are meh questions:

1.What's your favorite sport to watch?
2.What's your favorite sport to play?
3.What's your favorite sport you wish hadn't started playing?

i guess that's it. yep. <.< well i'll see yall later. have good days yall!

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