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Monday, June 26, 2006

   i ish early posting!
ok the reason i'm posting early is cuz when i was supposed to be at weight training today, it's started storming and everything and so field practice was cancelled and when we go to weight training, the power's out in all the schools in that area so...no training today! YAY! *victory sign*

on a slightly heavier note, sometime today around 12 i'm leaving to go to tifton for two days, so i may or may not be able to post from there, depending on if my granny's comp is related to mine >.> if you know what i mean. which i doubt. cuz sometimes i make a joke and nobody gets it. -_-;;;; so yeah...but i won't be making wallpapers or anything until wednesday night or something like that. yuppers.

and speaking of wallpapers, i made 2 new wallpapers yesterday, which i hope you will check out. one is called "In The End" by Linkin Park, and i had original intended for the picture to be full screen, but when i went to go put the words on there, that didn't work out so...meh. the second one is called "Missing" by Evanescence, and it's a very sad song in my opinion. OMG! i have the beyblade AMV for that song!! here's the video (please watch it, it's very good and you'll like it, i promise)

when you watch it, please tell me what you think of it, cuz i'll post yall's comments on it on youtube. ^^ well...actually i don't think i will cuz i'm too lazy >.> XD lol...but um...well the thunderstorm is getting worse now so i guess i'll go. OH WAIT before i go, here's the remaining positions (the ones with * next to them are still undecided in being open or not):


ok so those are the ones that are still open. if your an elder god, please say so, that way i can write your name down cuz i forget who all the gods are cuz so many people requested and stuff so >.> just tell me in a comment, ok? well i have to go now. see yall laters! *waves*

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