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Thursday, June 22, 2006

today was the last day of softball camp, so i can come back to posting everyday like a used to. ^^ i learned alot of stuff at softball camp that most girls wouldn't have learned, and so i think i have a one up on them. ^^ we had coaches from loads of university teams come to teach us. but no UGA coaches. T^T that was a sad thing to see...but we ended up getting so hot and sweaty that we didn't give a fuck. mhm.

well i would tell you all the stuff we learned but that would take a very long time to list, explain, and demonstrate, so i'm going to skip that part. we did learn a lot though. ^^

i don't know if yall've noticed this or not, but i moved some of my pictures in photobucket, so the link for the pic may or may not work. if it's a pic i gave you and it's not working, please PM me or something so i can get it fixed for you. ^^ i still have my own to fix though <.<

i got to talk to nate again ^^ and i was so happy i started jumping up and down and shouting and my mama was like "SHUT THE HELL UP!!" cuz she was watching M*A*S*H <.< but oh well. i was happy and i had a good reason for shouting, didn't i? lol

well i hope this post is more satisfactory than the last few. >.> sorry about those. i'll see yall later. ^^

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