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Friday, June 16, 2006

   sorry i'm late.
we went shopping and i didn't have a chance to update. my bad yall. ok yesterday the reason i was pissed was because i had written this HUGE post for yall but then when it's supposed to say "your Otaku Life has been updated" it said "unautorized access detected. please contact administrator." ok 2 problems with that. 1) i did not have unauthorized access. and 2) even if i was using unauthorized access, i would NOT have told an administrator cuz that's just stupid. XP ok anyway moving on. today i got my new beyblade manga!!!! TEH WOOT!!! lol it's volume 12 that i've been waiting to get forever, and lots of stuff happens. like we find out raul and julia's last names, and that there's this dude who is the new president, not boris, and we find out that daichi is pretty weak. >.> he keeps breaking his blade and it's starting to piss me off. so yeah...it's blue. the manga book is. >.> also i got my pictures back from my field trip i took the other day. there pretty hilarious. ^^ i got a trick shot of ryan that'll probably put up here someday >.> and also pics of walmart!! YAY!!! lol. tomorrow i think i'll read all my mangas, to kill a mockingbird, and get started on my project and while doing so, i shall sit out on the lawn and tan. ^^ then i won't be so white when i train at softball. >.> and then i have to get started on my workings out next week. i just can't do it this week cuz my butt cheeks are so sore from yesterday's training i can barely move. >.> <.< >.< eh....well...i guess that's it. i think yall can find something to comment about in that little ranting session. if any of yall see nate tell him he better get his ass on IM right now. i ain't playin. ^^

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