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Monday, June 12, 2006

   Over Da Hedge yall!!!
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Current Mood: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and tired
Song Starting Post: Coming Undone-Korn

ok yesterday you remember we had a rememberance service. my friend truly appreciates all the prayers and blessings and thoughtfulness that was shown to her friends and to her. she thanks all yall.

on a lighter note, yesterday was also a good day. I SAW OVER THE HEDGE!! omg hammy is da SEX!!! lol. he's like a replica of me, except he's a boy. lol. he drinks this energy drink, called Mach 6, and he goes O_O...X_X....:D lol and time slows down for him cuz he's already insanely hyper and then the extra caffiene kinda hypes him up and it's so cool. and then when vern (the turtle) tried to tell everyone that R.J. (the raccoon) couldn't be trusted and that the only reason he was helping them get food was because they were too stoopid to know better and his paws went out like outward and one of them pointed at hammy and hammy's face just....broke. there's not other word to describe it. he lost all his happy and he just whispered "....i'm not stupid." and everyone was like flippin off vern and everything. it was sad. mhm

well no more spoilers for that movie. lol. i heard that cars sucked. the critic people didn't like it very much. i think it's cuz there not used to larry the cable guy. hehe. he's the one who voices mater. lmao that's gonna be hilarious. XD

i changed my avi again. the pig. hehe. i think the phrase "WTF" would be good here. i showed it to 5 of my friends. 4 went Oo and 1 went "double u....tee...eff...." lol. go shinya. ^_~

um...i got back from softball training. THAT WAS A LOAD OF SHIT!!! >< god they had us lifting 95 pounds on squat, and i nearly dropped it. we have NEVER lifted 95 pounds before and if we have they must have made the weights with something different cuz those aren't the same. >< and then we had to do like a million rounds of crunches and pushups and all that. *shakes head* my abs hurt.

ok i have a notice here that i need to give to yall:


well i think that's it. if you have any questions about that, just do what it says. yeah. it's free by the way. ^_~ lol. well i gotta go eat now. i'll see yall later.

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Song Ending Post: Going Under-Evanescence

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