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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time Starting Post: 10:19 am
Current Mood: Tired, and i have a bad taste in my mouth XP
Song Starting Mood: Avarice-Disturbed

hello. <.< >.> i'm insanely bored right now. but hopefully since it's a saturday...nate will be on earlier...shit he has to work. damn his job >< ...oh well. he's making $120 an hour or something. which to me is a lot. speaking of money, i found $12 dollars in a calendar that my daddy gave me. but he didn't know it was there so i got to keep it. finders, keepers, you know ^_~...hmm...that means i have $77 dollars now!! OMG!! I'M RICH!!! I FEEL LIKE I'VE WON THE LOTTERY!!!

news reporter: "Tell us squirre, what is it like to have won the lottery?"
squirrel: "OMG it kicks fuckin ass!! now we can go to Puerto Rico!!"

lol i couldn't help it. i do feel like i won the lottery though. i've never had that much money in my life. and i haven't spent any of it.
^____________________^ i hope yall are proud of me. yeah. well...i think i'm done now. i'm kinda still bored but i guess i can just make e-cards all day. *shrugs* yall be lookin for those too. i made some last nite. i don't know if anyone sent them though. hopefully they did. cuz some of them are pretty funny. yeah. well i'll see yall later!! *waves*

Time Ending Post: 10:27 am
Song Ending Post: Intoxication-Disturbed

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