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Monday, June 5, 2006

   hey yall
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mornin all. ^^ for those of you who left congratulatory comments, i thank you. for those of you who left concerned or cautious comments, i have already heard all the warnings i wanna hear, i have considered all the possibilities, and i have taken every step to make sure no physical harm comes to me. ^^ it's just yesterday i counted, and a total of...at least 5 people told me that that was dangerous. i thank you for your concern, but i got it, it's covered. ^_~ oh and these comments were on yesterday's post. ^^ yup. ok moving on...i have softball training today. from 1-4:30 so i won't be talking to anyone in that time. um...let me see, what else...oh. i might or might not be submitting wallpapers today. not sure. <.< don't kill me. lol. well i'll leave yall now with this joke:

ok hilary is ShowMeTheBitBeast, and kai is PhoenixPrince, and it's based on my avatar but i thought it was hilarious. ^_~

ShowMeTheBitBeast: tyson i think you need to tell kai about these feelings.
ShowMeTheBitBeast: uh-oh. wrong IM.
PhoenixPrince: what's going on?
ShowMeTheBitBeast is away.
PhoenixPrince: HILARY!!!!
ShowMeTheBitBeast's away message: I know nothing!!!

and with that i leave you. hope that brightened your day up. ^^

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