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Sunday, June 4, 2006

   omg i am so frickin happy....
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Song Starting Post: Dem Franchise Boyz vs. KORN (hell yeah bitchs this is good song =P)

yall what started as a bad day yesterday (my neck cricking) ended up being a kick ass day. ^^ this reason for it being kick ass is why i am post so late at nite and so early in the morning. *sighs* <.< >.> now those of you who i talk to on IM before 7:30 would not have known this had happened until you came back. ok before you kill me i'm going to tell you. i have a boyfriend now. he is WAY better than ryan could EVER have been. his name is nate and he lives in puerto rico. and omg we have SO much in common. one of my friends (Fallen Dark Angel) invited me to join a convo with her on yahoo. i originally thought that the rp we were going to do was cyber and i was like XP because i have had WAY too many cybers (XP don't ask it's a long story)but i went anyway. ok this PROVED to be a good choice. so i started talking to the two guys that were there, and it turns out that nate also likes rap. he told me that's what attracted him to me most. cuz he had never met another girl in his life who liked rap. and i was like O_O!!! because all the other people i've met have had something against rap. ok anyway we both like sports (football, paintball, etc...), we both like rock (linkin park hehehe), family guy, south park, um...let's see...his mom likes the song "Get Back" by Ludacris, which is very good sign that me and his mom are going to get along fine. ^^ lol...wow i'm so happy. we started talking and i IMMEDIATELY fell in love with him. best part is, HE'S NOT A JERK ASS FUCK WAD!!! YAY!!! lol...when he first asked me out i was like "well...at least your not an ass like my ex was..." and he was like "i'm not an ass ^^". tomorrow i'm going to call ryan and RUB IT IN HIS UGLY ASS FACE. hahahaha lol. i'll be like and you thought i would never get over you!!! LOSER!!! then i'll poke him off a cliff. yep. lol. well my neck is feeling better. yeah...cuz i can barely feel it anyway =P lol...when he asked me out my hands started shaking so bad....mhm...i told him i had been hoping he would have asked me out...and he did. ^^ god i feel so good...hopefully this one will go much better than the previous. ^-^ yep. well i better go to bed. i'm going to be at home all day, talking to him. i'd love to know more about him. i mean i already know a lot but you just love to get to know someone...mhm...oh yeah he also likes anime so yep ^^ even better. lol. well i'll see yall later. <3

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