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Saturday, June 3, 2006

   ow ow ow ow ow ow OW IT HURTS!!!!
Time starting post: 12:52
Current Mood: OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! (does that tell you enough?? -.-)
Song Starting Post: Don't Stay-Linkin Park

this morning when i woke up i think i cricked my neck...yeah it sounds painful cuz it is. -.- lol i had to put an icyhot patch over it...didn't help...*sighs* all i did was wake up and i stretched my neck and all of sudden i heard *CRACK* and my neck started hurting...mhm...<.< maybe it'll go away....ok things yall need to know that are going on with me this summer:

1)I got softball training every 2 days, so my posts may be later or earlier depending on the day
2)I have to work for my papaw this summer which may also delay or speed up my post
3)I'm going to camp July 10-14 so i won't be able to post, ;.;
4)um...what was the other thing...oh and i might have to go to family functions and stuff. ^^

so that's the stuff that might hinder me updating. oh and the occasional groundings. -_- lol i hope i don't get grounded. that would suck because like...i don't know. it just would. ;.; because i feel like if i don't update yall will forget about me...and that makes me sad...cuz i don't want to be forgotten. you know cuz loads of people here have accounts but they NEVER USE THEM >.< and it pisses me off like a goddamn...something...lol. *sighs* YAY!! lunch time. lol =D i'll see yall later. ^^

Time Ending Post: 1:27
Song Ending Post: From the Inside-Linkin Park

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